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Buy Kandy Kush

Buy Kandy Kush Look – DNA Genetics Kandy Kush has the earthy, musky Kush smell with accents of lemon, fuel and fruit to compliment. Smell ...

Buy Liberty Haze

Smell – Lime and sweet, nice clean citrus taste. Taste – Distinct refreshing lime taste Effects – Liberty Haze hits you quick and lasts a ...

khalifa kush

 Buy khalifa kush Online This mind-bending strain features a THC content of up to 29%, making it one of the most powerful strains around.
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Pure Kush

Strain Name: Pure Kush Grade: A Type: Indica dom, Hybrid b85/15. One of the Strongest kushes I have used. Tested at 25.2% thc, 1.03% CBD Looks: dark green tight ...