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Buy Bart carts
 Buy Bart carts cartridges is  distillate oil cartridge that claims to contain premium oil and while advertised quality captured our interest.
The brand was what convinces us to test out the product. In an attempt to educate ourselves with further details. On Bart carts and its THC level, we did a thorough internet search about the product. Unfortunately, Bart Carts cartridges do not have an official website for its product, and the little information we could obtain from their Instagram site and pictures of their packaging was worrisome.ORDER NOW 

The data we gathered about this product was only the alleged quality of the “premium” oil, strains in each flavors.

It  range from  82%-87% THC level, and that Bart carts may be a recent product that has entered the market late last year (an inference we have made based on the first posting of their product on their Instagram site that is dated September 2018).

Furthermore, as one of our main concerns before trying a cartridge, we hope to verify the THC levels and components .

Within the cartridge but unfortunately, we have yet to find information on these cartridges ingredients, we are still missing  results .OR any legitimate lab verification of the Bart carts cartridge quality and contents.


How was it grow, harvest, cure, and store?

Ideally, it was sungrown or grown organically indoors.  It’s OK for your bud tender not to know this step in the process.But the best producers want to share this info.

Hardware expert Peter Hackett, who sources vapes in China as part of his company Transpring, makes a coffee analogy: Do you want Folger crystals or single-origin coffee from Whole Foods?

“Just like you consume food, focus on the rhetoric surrounding the process of growing. If they are trying to provide insight into the process. It means they have very persnickety, picky, scientifically educated people at their core,”


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