Buy Bonsai Blunt


Buy Bonsai Blunt


Buy Bonsai Blunt

.5 gram strain specific hemp wrapped blunts. Rolled using our premium cannabis.

1.5 grams of OG base flower, mixed with shatter, painted with ultra-refined Distillate Oil and dusted with Golden Kief. This is the high-quality, top-shelf pre-roll you have been waiting for! All-Natural Terpenes used to create 16 amazing flavors.

The key to bonsai is the word “miniature.” Unlike other potted plants, the joy of bonsai lies in creating a little landscape meant to be a replica of the natural world. Bonsai has a long, rich history that stems from regions in China and Japan and may have begun as early as 700 AD.

Additionally, just as “miniature” is key to bonsai, so is “art form.” This is not a houseplant that you can pop in a pot and allow to grow willy-nilly—bonsai are artistic endeavors that take time and care to cultivate. Many bonsai are even passed down from generation to generation, long outlasting those who first gave loving attention to their branches.

Chadd was happy to discuss the topic of cannabis bonsai, but his view came with a hearty dose of skepticism.

Buy Bonsai Blunt

Not all plants are suitable for bonsai,” he says. “It is quite complex to cover the reasons, but I will list a few. The leaves cannot be large in relation to the trunk and branch or stem of the plant. It must have a trunk that tapers from large at the bottom to small at the top. It should have trunk movement and interesting bark. Like any visual art, we are basically dealing with line, form, texture and color. The bonsai needs to have visual interest, be able to hold the eye of the viewer, and be vigorous enough to withstand the rigors of bonsai culture.”

Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Appetite, Sleep

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