Buy Bubble hammer bong


Buy Bubble hammer bong


Buy Bubble hammer bong

The bong has been around for thousands of years. The actual word bong is derive from the Thai word baung. This is what early Thai people called pipes that were make  out of bamboo, and which eventually came to refer to the smoking device that uses water as a filtration method, the same one that contemporary smokers know today (although the device has evolved in shape and design since then). Evidence of bong use can be traced to other cultures besides the Thai. They date back at least 2400 years in Russia, as well as to 16th century China.

Smoking pipes also have a long and rich history. Like bongs, pipes have been use by world civilizations for centuries. Contemporary pipes look and function a lot like their early ancestors did. The biggest difference between today’s and yesteryear’s pipes are the materials used to make them. Instead of being made from clay, bamboo, wood, ivory or animal antlers, many of today’s smokers prefer glass pipes(although you’ll still find diehard wooden-pipe users).ORDER NOW 

So how did the bubbler pipe enter this eclectic mix of smoking devices? Again, it’s exact origins may never be pinpointed. However, it is highly likely that some smokers were sitting around with their water bongs thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a more portable bong?” And so, one of those guys probably went home and began tinkering around in his kitchen or garage and came up with a pocket-sized hybrid that was easier to travel with and more discreet to pack around.

Undoubtedly that guy showed his friends, who told their other friends, and word about the device continued to spread. Soon the idea caught on and other people began making bubbler pipes. Eventually, big business and independent artisans and crafters would catch on and begin producing bubblers for sale to the masses, bringing us to today.

Buy Bubble hammer bong


Glass bubblers are a hit with modern smokers for a couple of reasons. One: they stand up well to extreme heat and, overall, perform better than other types over the long run. They can last for years, provided you don’t drop it on the ground. (Obviously breakage is a big concern with glass bubbler pipes.) Two: glass pipes produce a smoother, cleaner flavor than other types of pipes. Glass doesn’t alter the taste of your herb at all, whereas a wood pipe will add a woody flavor.

All bubblers have a few things in common. One: they all have a bowl, the part where you place the herb you are smoking. Bowls may differ in size, but all bubbler pipes have one. Two: all bubblers have a water chamber. Again, their sizes may differ (usually they are design to be relatively proportionate to the bowl size, stem length and stem diameter). Three: all bubblers have a stem with an opening at the end.




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