Buy Ceramic bong


Buy Ceramic bong


Buy Ceramic bong

Due to its many benefits, ceramic bongs have always been a viable option to the smoking community. Ceramic pipes and bongs have been a method long existing before glass. Some experts trace early ceramic bongs to being found in Africa over 3,000 years ago.   Ceramic has a high melting temperature, high hardness, and low conductivity, making it perfect for smoking. It’s also inert, which means that it won’t corrode. ORDER NOW 

Modern technology has improved ceramic vastly with a glazing process that creates smooth, with no pores, which is ideal for artists who prefer to make heady (complex) pieces. Ceramics also allow artists to make intricate shapes and brilliant colors that would be more difficult to achieve with glass.

Buy Ceramic bong

Many ceramic bongs have added glazes or paints for aesthetic function. Yet to make it safe, our artists use high quality, non-toxic materials in crafting your beautiful new bong. Our ceramics have no added taste and will allow you to enjoy the simple pure flavor of your smoke.

In general, ceramics are much sturdier and less prone to breaking than glass. While ceramics aren’t as indestructible as a silicone bong, you can still be a bit more at ease whenever a slight fall comes upon your ceramic bong. Smoking with ceramic bongs is a safe and stress-free process, like how one would smoke with a regular glass bong. Whether you want to break out your ceramic for a party or simply enjoy it alone, there is a ceramic bong for every smoker.



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