Buy Premium bong


Buy Premium bong


Buy Premium bong

Firstly,The new Premium line bongs from Molino Glass now offers an unmatched grade of quality, durability and stability.

Secondly,Where as comparable bong brands offer 5mm and 7mm wall-thickness in the price range of several hundreds of dollars, the new production line from Molino offers the same (if not better) quality for a fraction of those costs. ORDER NOW

Buy Premium bong

Further more,this is possible because of a new highly automated and efficient production facility of Molino Glass which as been taken into production last spring.

Bong Vodka is redefining the world of vodka. The bottle is stunning, so too is the spirit inside. The vodka is distilled six times by the fifth generation of Master Distillers using a 150 year old Dutch recipe and filtered 4 times, creating a vodka masterpiece.

These bongs has many types with many flavours which include ,

–White Mini Glass Bong Smoking Water Pipe Recycler Hookah Bubbler 14mm

–Glass water pipe bong
–Glass Hookah Shisha
–Smoke Nord
and many others are great types of bongs available in our online shop .
  • Smooth Smoke
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Remarkable Design
  • One of the best selling hookahs in the world
  • Easy to clean hookah
  • You don’t need to use a foil with this hookah
  • A good shisha pipe that is probably the best option for advanced and new shisha lovers!
  • High quality stainless steel parts
  • Unique Design
  • Durable & Strong product
  • Difficult to rust
  • Top Hookah in our list
More information regarding the product

Excellent support. Lit hookahs are always eager to help their customers.

Hand Made 13″-14″ Premium Glass Hookah – Perfect Size.

Great Stem

Excellent base with great capacity

Very easy to clean.

Glass Parts are All Heated, Sculpted, and HANDMADE Using Thick and High-Quality Clear Glass.

To Conclude,Including Glass Body, Glass Head, Glass Down Stem, Detachable Glass Purge Valve, Glass Female Bowl Adapter, Food Grade Black Silicone Hose w/ Aluminum Handle, Coal Tongs, and Box Carrying Case.




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