Buy Strawberry OG Hash


Buy Strawberry OG Hash


Buy Strawberry OG Hash

Firstly,Strawberry OG is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a phenotype of OG Kush. SFV OG has a super piney smell that doesn’t necessarily translate into a stellar taste. Many prefer this strain out of a vaporizer.

Secondly, Strawbeery OG is very uplifting and great for pain relief. The strain produces an invigorating head high initially, followed by a relieving body buzz that creeps in…..ORDER NOW 


Buy Strawberry OG Hash

TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
THC: Between 20% and 26%
CBD: 0-.4%
GENETICS: OG Kush phenotype
APPEARANCE: The buds are small and dense. They are covered in trichomes and reddish orange hairs.
SMELL: Strawberry OG has a piney fuel aroma, similar to pine cleaner.
BEST FOR TREATING: Stress and pain relief

CREATED FEELINGS: Strawberry OG produces a high that is initially invigorating and energetic. After a few minutes a relaxing body buzz ensues. The high is very balanced and relaxing.
DURATION: 1.5 hours
SIMILAR STRAINS: Blue Dream, Chocolope and Abusive OG

Users describe the Strawberry OG high as one with an almost immediate onset of relaxing and sedative effects that leave you feeling moderately couch lock with a light pressure in mind and body that is pain relieving.



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